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Programmatic Media Buying and Selling is quickly enhancing and even replacing how digital media is bought and sold. The courses in this section were created to help more traditional media people on both the buying and selling sides get up to speed on all things programmatic. While these videos offer a great deal of insight, they still represent only the tip of the programmatic iceberg.

If you or your team needs a deeper dive into newer phase of programmatic media buying and selling (including in areas like Programmatic TV) please contact Spider Graham directly to set up an opportunity to discuss training programs that can be customized and created to help your teams gain a deep and fast understanding of these topics. Spider can be contacted directly at (781) 910-4221 or via email at spidergraham@trainingcraft.com.


Getting Started (10:07)


Programmatic Paradigm Shift (17:19)


Defining Programmatic (7:31)


The Programmatic Universe (50:08)


Programmatic Industry Growth (10:43)


Media Buying Overview (17:05)


Demand-Side Platforms (12:24)


Rethinking Media Buying (13:30)


Programmatic Buying Myths (18:48)


Programmatic Buying Spectrum (9:30)


Programmatic Ad Networks (13:49)


Real-Time Bidding Mechanics (12:14)


Understanding Ad Serving (14:57)


Understanding Ad Exchanges (17:35)


Sell-Side Platforms (10:29)


Agency Trading Desks (6:28)


Data Management Overview (33:07)


Data Management Platforms (17:25)


Data Targeting & Segmentation (35:51)

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