The Empowered Entrepreneur Podcast

New Beginnings (14:52)

Every great idea, business and paradigm shifting technology has to start somewhere. During this broadcast, digital marketing and advertising expert Spider Graham explores the process of getting starting with new enterprises and how you can move consistently forward toward meeting your goals and not get hindered by over-planning and analysis.

Setting Expectations (16:57)

In business there is often a difference between what is expected and what happens. During this podcast Spider Graham explores ways to manage the expectations of clients when dealing with deadlines as well as learning ways we can manage our own expectations in business and in life.

Managing Fear (22:58)

Perhaps one of the best kept secrets in the world is the amount of fear that the average person experiences every day. In business fear can either be a hindrance that gets in the way of our progress or can be used as a tool to help move us forward. During this podcast Spider Graham explores ways to minimize ‘bad fear’ and use our desires for a better outcome by harnessing the positive sides of fear.

Essential Time Management (21:56)

For entrepreneurs, time IS money. Every point of progress, every sale made and every opportunity for growth is based on how efficiently we use our time to reach our goals. And yet too many people approach time as if it were an infinite commodity. During this podcast Spider Graham shares some insights into ways that you can manage your time to become more effective in accomplishing set tasks and reaching your business and personal goals.

The Power of Setting Goals (20:38)

People who set clear goals and work toward the realization of those goals become successful. Period. Whale its not always an easy path, the importance of creating destinations for our business and lives should never be underestimated. During this podcast Spider Graham explores the process of goal setting as a life skill and how learning to define and work toward meaningful goals can be one of the most important things you will ever learn.

Understanding Wealth (14:33)

While most people say that they want to become rich, there are prevailing attitudes about wealth that many of us carry with us that can get in the way of us ever achieving wealth. During this podcast Spider Graham takes a closer look at some of the common attitudes we have toward wealth and how we can get past feelings of scarcity to embrace wealth and what it can mean for us personally.

The Importance of Health and Fitness in Business Success (16:50)

Its hardly a secret that creating and maintaining a strong and healthy mind and body is essential for leading a good life. But our health is also directly tied to how well we think, deal with stress and have the stamina to keep up with everything we need to do to effectively grow businesses. During this podcast Spider Graham discusses his own journey toward a healthier life style and what that has meant for him. Learn how just making a few simple changes in your life can dramatically change it for the better.

Embracing Failure (8:40)

Most people fear and avoid failure at all costs. But as Spider Graham points out during this podcast, Failure can be one of the most powerful success tools we have if only we learn to embrace it in the right way.

Self-Validation (10:13)

Many of us were raised with the bulk of the validation for who we are and what we do coming from friends and family; teachers and employers. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with getting validation from outside sources, being an entrepreneur can be an isolated and lonely business. There are days in the life of every entrepreneur where things feel too hard and the weight of the world seems to be resting on very narrow shoulders.

During this podcast Spider Graham explores the process of self-validation, what it means, how to cultivate a good and meaningful relationship with yourself and how self-validation can help keep you moving forward in business and in life.

Pride and Singularity of Purpose (14:59)

There has been a lot said about the importance of persistence for success in business and life. Perhaps as important is a deep and unyielding belief in yourself and your mission as an entrepreneur. During the podcast Spider Graham explores the challenges and importance of keeping an eye on the prize and standing behind your dreams and ambitions even during times when it may feel like your confidence is at a low ebb.

The Power of Persistence (7:53)

While there are an almost innumerable number of strategies that can be combined to create real success in business, at the core of any successful endeavor is the ability to keep moving forward in the face of difficult challenges.

As Spider Graham explores during this podcast, some times the only real difference between success and failure is never, never, never giving up on your dreams.

The Importance of Change of Scenery (8:09)

Sometimes the best way to get out of a rut and to recharge our batteries is to look for a change of scenery.

During this podcast Spider Graham explores the potential and opportunities that the self employed have to change things up a little when it comes to their schedules and their view of the world.

How to Define and Reach Target Audiences (21:26)

Whenever we create new products, content and services we have a specific group of people that we are ‘working’ for. When we are able to get our ‘ideas’ in front of the right people then we are able to make sales, solve problems and provide a meaningful service to the marketplace. But wanting to reach the right people and being able to find them are often two different things.

During this session Spider take a look at the mechanics of audience targeting and what marketers can do to better find and reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

Creating Expertise (14:57)

Are you an expert at something? Does the rest of the world know about your expertise? Are you willing to let them know?

Too often people who have meaningful skills to share with other often don’t do so because of fears associated with self-promotion. During this podcast Spider looks at the process of how experts are created and the solution may surprise you!

How to Fire a Bad Client (17:24)

From time to time all businesses have to deal with customers and clients who are not only difficult to work with but who may also be abusive, dishonest and stand in the way of making a profit.

During this podcast Spider Graham offers a deeper view of ways you can approach and deal with difficult clients to help either satisfy their needs to make them get out of the way so you can better help other clients.

Reducing Negativity in Your Life (12:39)

One of the most common ‘human challenges’ is the consistent management our our thoughts. What we think about defines our realities and when we are faced with a constant barrage of negative thoughts as reported by the media and other events around us, this can lead to self-defeating thoughts and slow our personal development and progress down. This can be hugely detrimental especially for entrepreneurs!

During this podcast Spider Graham takes a deeper look at the process of reducing negativity in your thinking and how some simple changes in how you look at the world can have a significant difference in how successful you are in your business and life.

Conversations That Sell (13:13)

Selling is a process that is deeply based on creating meaningful relationships with other people. However, in order to create meaningful conversations as marketers we need to think hard about how to best meet their needs and expectations and to do what we can to get them to like and trust us.

During this podcast Spider Graham takes a look at the component parts that go into creating ‘selling conversations’ and offers some tips on ways to tell people what they need to know about your business or your brand in order to get them to want to become customers.

Using Affirmations to Reach Life and Business Goals (12:22)

What we think about directly affects what happens in our lives. If we think only about negative things we will find ourselves living in a world with plenty of negativity. The same thing holds true for positive thoughts.

During this podcast Spider Graham takes a look at ways that written affirmations can be used to ‘reprogram’ our thinking and to create new ways of thinking that align with our deepest dreams and desires.

Letting Go of Past Failures (12:49)

One of the simple realities of being human is that not everything in your life will ago according to plan. Negative events involving family, our schooling and our often foolish youth can haunt us for many years. However, the path toward success requires that we eliminate some of our previous ‘life lessons’ so that we can work toward creating opportunities in the future. While our past doesn’t define our future, our past failures can negatively influence our future success if we don’t find ways to get rid of them.

During this podcast Spider Graham takes a look at the process of getting rid of the unwanted baggage of past defeats, mistakes and failures so that we can instead focus on our potential instead of our shortcomings.

Dealing with Entrepreneurial Solitude (11:03)

For many entrepreneurs the desire to follow their own dreams is often tempered with the need to work alone to realize their dreams. At times the solitude and loneliness that goes along with certain aspect of self-employment can be a huge challenge emotionally.

During this broadcast Spider Graham explores ways that solo-preneurs and others for whom working requires huge blocks of ‘alone time’ can do a better job of beating the ‘lonlies’ while using that time to find inspiration and be productive.

Rethinking Education (11:36)

At some point in our lives we have all experienced formalized education. For many this was an illuminating experience while for others…not so much.

During this broadcast Spider Graham explored his own past as a student, as a college professor and as the parent of children working their ways through high-school and college, and shares some thoughts on how education is evolving dramatically and what that means for us all.

Changing Selling Attitudes (13:07)

Whether with are directly involved with directly selling products and services or not the reality of the modern world is that we’re all involved in sales in some capacity even if that means selling ourselves when applying for a job, trying to get a date or convincing somebody else on our point of view,

During this broadcast Spider Graham looks at how traditional attitudes towards sales and salespeople can get in the way of our own success when we work to sell our own products and services

The Secret Ingredient of Expertise (6:04)

To be an expert at anything requires a great deal more than a desire to learn or share. Expertise is built on a foundation of topic fluency and a deep understand of chosen topics that can only be arrived at through…practice.

During this broadcast Spider Graham explores the importance of redundancy and exploration of topics as a way to become an authority and how that expertise can be used to create opportunities for career development and success.

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