The digital universe has dramatically changed how marketers communicate with their prospects and customers. However, despite the advantages that automated digital media planning, buying and distribution systems bring to the table, it’s the underlying strategies that make them work. In short, effective digital advertising goes far, far beyond just placing an ad banner on a web page.

Whether you run a big company or are a one-person marketing team, the digital marketing universe offers an incredible opportunity for marketers and advertisers of all types to finally create and execute campaigns that can be perfectly targeted, executed and measured for success.

Taking Down Goliath is about learning how to approach the strategies and tactics needed to successfully navigate the digital advertising space. While we share a lot of great insight into ways to design and create effective and impactful digital advertising campaigns, this is not a ‘how to’ book that deals with specific creative or campaign considerations. Instead, our goal has been to share with you digital advertising business realities that will serve as a machete to allow you to hack a path into the jungle before you so that you can eventually find your way to a city of gold.

We have spent years working closely with advertisers offering them strategic digital marketing guidance and helping them to effectively start online conversations with the people they most need to talk with. Along the way we’ve learned four very important things that stand as pillars of success in digital marketing and advertising:

  1. ALL successful advertising campaigns start by getting the right message to the right person at the right time
  2. ALL successful advertising campaigns are based on solid campaign planning, goal setting, audience targeting and meaningful measurement of campaign results
  3. There is absolutely nothing ‘magical’ about digital advertising channels and technologies. They are just tools and each offers marketers different strengths and weaknesses
  4. Effective online advertising isn’t about how much money you have to spend. It’s about how well you spend the money you have

Really. It’s that simple.

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