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Reaching consumers online isn’t simply a matter pf placing ads on pages. Instead, there are a number of strategies and best practices that can be used to assure greater success in getting an advertising message in front of the right persona at the right time.

These videos represent some of Spider’s shared content covering strategies for Search, SEO and other digital marketing channels.


Search Engine Marketing – Part 1 (38:48)


Search Engine Marketing – Part 2 (9:45)


Search Engine Marketing – Part 3 – Campaign Creation and Analytics (42:35)


Search Engine Marketing – Part 4 – Campaign Optimization (12:05)


SEO Mini-Course – Part 1 (4:39)


SEO Mini-Course Part 2 (5:43)


SEO Mini-Course- Part 3 (4:55)


SEO Mini-Course – Part 4 (4:04)


SEO Mini-Course – Part 5 (4:55)

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