Spidergraham.com is a clubhouse that was created to bring digital marketers and business professionals together. The door is wide open so come on in!

In addition to sharing thought leadership on all things digital, I’m also very busy working directly with clients in both the digital advertising and digital publishing trenches as a consultant and trainer and would be thrilled to work with you and your team as well.

Need help getting your marketing team up to speed on digital strategies, channels and best practices? I can help. Need a knowledgeable and entertaining speaker for an upcoming event? (preferably something having to do with digital media, but let’s talk!) I’m your guy! Need somebody who can work with you to uncover ways that your business can create innovative digital marketing solutions? I’m all over that!

Here are a few topic areas where I provide live and online training workshops:

  • Sales and Selling for Beginners
  • Digital Media Sales and Selling
  • Programmatic Media Buying and Selling
  • Social Media Brand Marketing
  • Native Advertising
  • Foundational Ad Ops for Digital Publishers
  • Audience Targeting for Brands and Publishers

Have a need that’s not listed here? Give me a call. If it’s a digital channel I’ve worked with it! I also develop custom training workshops to meet the specific needs of your team!

I created this site so I can share my digital marketing experience and knowledge with people and companies who are tired of doing the same old thing and getting the same old results. Yes, there can be a real learning curve when it comes to creating effective digital marketing campaigns (hint: It goes a bit beyond just having a Twitter account…) but by setting clear goals and creating a realistic plan for reaching those goals, anything is possible.

I can help you and your team become digital rock stars!

Contact Me Today (or at 781-910-4221) to get the conversation started!

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